About Us

Our mission
To provide our customers with the best education and consulting services needed to achieve their goals and succeed at their mission's.
Company History
Emerge was founded by a group consisting of three paramedics and an emergency physician.  Each sharing the common interest of educating and consulting for a better public safety tomorrow.  The inception for EMERGE was long in the making before the official organization in 2007.  EMERGE brought together the consolidation of Magyar Consulting and Training owned and operated by JJ Magyar and an independent consulting and training firm operated by Jason Zielewicz.  Dr. Frailey served as medical director for programs of each firm. Steve Wilson worked with both firms.  All four individuals came together in 2007 forming EMERGE Public Safety, LLC.

Jason Zielewicz
JJ Magyar
Dr. Gregory Frailey
Steve Wilson

Michael Seiler
Peter Zielewicz

Curtis Welter